Providing full service motion graphics projects from concept through animation completion.


What do you want to say? Provide the written story as a starting point and I’ll begin developing a visual narrative.

What will it look like? As an experienced art director and designer I can comfortably and confidently adapt existing brand styles, or start from scratch to create a unique look and feel for your video. One or two key scenes from the script will be presented in static frames showing image/illustration styles, colors, typography and design elements.

In certain cases this phase includes ‘motion sketches’ – rough animated ideas showing image interaction, transition tricks, or pacing and movement helping to convey the concept.

The exact plan of attack. Once the style is approved, all major scenes and transitions are designed and presented as static frames. Developing all visual concepts at this stage prior to animation helps me know exactly what each scene will be, and helps YOU visualize the video so there aren’t any surprises during the animation phase. Sign off here helps the animation phase move smoothly. I know exactly what I’m doing, and you know exactly what to expect.

Bringing it to life. The approved storyboards are put in to motion in an iterative process and shared in versions. Music and VO are added as necessary. Generally the goal is to reach a final polished video within 3 rounds of revisions. Revisions are usually kept to a minimum thanks to the in-depth storyboard phase.

Of course this process is fairly generalized. Every project is unique and I am always flexible with how I approach each one. I pride my self on good communication from the get-go and setting realistic expectations with whoever I am working with. If you’re interested in discussing a project, feel free to send a request below and I’d be happy to talk through the details.


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