Sculptural Sign Design

I worked with the Abell community to create a custom-designed object that functioned both as a sculptural letter ‘A’ to anchor and identify the neighborhood, and also function as a neighborhood bulletin board. This piece was designed for the park which is central to the community where members can post messages and gather.

I designed this project in three pieces to be assembled on sight during installation. I began the project by creating 3D mockups to develop the idea. I wanted the piece to feel positive and bright, yet be sturdy and durable. I wanted it to have a presence, but not be overly harsh or industrial feeling. I opted for thin/wide pieces of steel to create width and presence, and a contrasting inner frame of rectangular tubing to add an extra level of dimension plus act as an anchoring system for the bulletin board. I chose bright powder coatings in complementary shades of teal.

I fabricated three separate pieces which mechanically fastened together on site.

For installation, I poured two concrete footers and set threaded rods in place to accept the baseplates of the structure.

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