Custom Sign Design

My friends opened a bar and knew they needed a sign. In reality, they needed a logo and a sign, and I was siked at the opportunity there to flex both my graphic design and my fabrication muscles.

I drew up some custom lettering to compliment the awesome illustration the bar owner did of his beloved dog(the inspiration for the bar name) and refined the overall mark into a nice circular layout for them to use as a logo.

From there, I approached the sign design and fabrication by digging deep into my DIY bag of tricks. I designed this piece to be three parts assembled on sight during installation – Two painted wooden circles that fit inside a custom fabricated steel ring that could be mounted to an existing structure at the bar. I chose to screen print the design for multiple reasons – repeatability to get a double-sided sign, adding hand-made character, economic feasibility, and because it’s just plain ol’ fun to screen print! Some ingenuity was needed for me to break the design apart onto separate printing screens, as well as to design and build simple printing rigs to print each portion of the design accurately.

In the end, I think they got a one-of-a-kind functional piece and it was a blast to work on.

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